Welcome to Conesa Legal. We can help you because we are very professional honest english speaking lawyers in Spain, with headquarters in Barcelona.

We already enjoy of more than 40 years of experience being specialists in labor or employment Law and we have dealt with all kind of employment issues. We act in a preventive and reactive way, that is to say that we offer a whole preventive and dispute advising service, because we know how to defend it in Court.

To know that both companies and employees have rights and obligations makes us defend better our clients. Because of that our services goes since sanction and dismissals, since social security issues, labor prevention risks, labor accidents, invalidity pensions, restructuring or collective conflicts negotiation, labor conditions modifications, moral or sexual harassment, CEO contracts, company compliance, etc.

We are confident in our service because, as specialists in Labor Law we are deeply knowledgeable about the different areas of labor law, including international aspects. In us you will find the confidence and security that we manage your affairs honestly, and with maximum effectiveness guarantees.

1.- Who we defend

We defend to who need to be attended, company or employee.

Our major clients are companies because our specialization advising with payrolls, social security, labor accidents and labor risk prevention, but in Labor or Employment Law is the one that knows rights and obligations either form employees or employers.

2.- We care for the client from the beginning

When a company wishes to invest in Spain creating a company, we are able to create and study company’s bylaws and proceed to the Public Company’s Register, Social Security enrollment, and inscription into other public institutions.

We are specialists performing CEO and other employees’ contracts, enrolling them as autonomous or ordinary labor relationship according to legal requirements. If necessary collective agreements an negotiation are some of our fourtress.

We can also able to provide other company advise as tax or company law with or very skilled and English speaking team.

3.- We are day by day with our client:

Labor relationship is something alive that changes over time. Agreed contractual conditions change according to circumstances. In that sense we advise our client with horary or journey changes; paid and not paid licenses that exist in the Spanish Labor Statute Law or in the enforced Collective Agreement. We articulate salary conditions and we proceed to perform necessary changes at the employee’s payrolls. We negotiate and elaborate substantial labor conditions modifications agreements, geographical moves, category changes, etc.

4.- We help in front of difficulties

Because our experience we fully know that not always everything works well at companies. We face labor accidents, professional illness, moral harassment, labor infractions, contract unfulfillments, etc.

We are prepared to help. Is necessary to take decisions and fulfill legal formalities.

In front of economic difficulties we advise and perform collective dismissals or collective labor conditions modifications; temporal labor contract suspensions or journey reductions; or retreat studies.

If the contact extinction is due to a disciplinary reason we defense its lawful, unlawful or nullity in front of Courts, always taking into account the necessary strategy for a possible appeal in front of the second instance Court, Supreme Court, or even the Constitutional Court if necessary if there is a fundamental right infringement.

We help companies to get better labor conditions: our long experience gives us a professional perspective that allows us to help to set your better possible labor conditions. We believe in prevention and dialog as best mechanisms and tools to solve labor conflicts and deal with HHRR, but we are prepared to defend decisions in front of Court.

We advise because we know how usually finishes issues in Court. This is because we advise in prevention risk accidents; we perform and implement labor compliance, specially equality plans with harassment protocols, or we also innovate offering mediation services to companies.

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